This week has been tough to get much accomplished. Lots of medical tests for a major surgery coming up and just anxiety about what is to come. Thankfully the MKE helps keep me focused on what my goals are. I am really realizing that my most important pivotal focus is true health. Without health, quality of life really drops. I need my body to work the way God intended and the surgery is necessary so that I’m not in pain daily. I’m ready to have this surgery over so that I can move forward. Come on surgery!!

I’m in Memphis for the weekend celebrating my niece’s wedding that was a year ago April but was never able to be celebrated with family and friends due to covid. It’ll be a marvelous weekend and we’re all together, which is always a blast. Liberty to be able to enjoy time with family! What could be better?

Next Thursday I travel to Salt Lake City for a conference and finally meet my best friend Ulene!! I can’t wait! We’ve gotten to be friends over the last 12 months while we both work on growing an online business. Never met in person but we definitely have a connection. I talk to her more in a week then I do with my friends that live close. We have the same goals and support each other in business and everyday life. Can’t believe that I have made such a close friend through an online business! She’s also doing the MKE!

This week I went horse shopping! I decided that showing AQHA shows again is one of my reasons for working my business- it’s a “WHY” what I do is so important. I want to make enough money so that I don’t feel guilty spending money on showing horses. Well, I went and looked at 6 yearlings and found 1 that I think (along with my trainer Scott and good friend Troy) will be a great horse for me. I’m super excited! I arranged a date for the vet to come take x-rays and make sure she doesn’t have any issues that would prevent her from dong what I want.